Yoga Warriors International

YogaWarriors-iconI completed Dharma Richard’s Yoga Warriors program May 2017. Yoga Warriors International is the first and largest program in the nation for healing combat veterans through yoga. It is developed from years of feedback from veterans diagnosed with PTS.

Yoga Warriors methodology helps active duty military, veterans, first responders and their families, and many others who have experienced PTS or high stress.
(From the Yoga Warrior website) The mission is:

To alleviate symptoms of combat stress (COSR), post-traumatic stress (PTS) and increase the resilience of critical task performers working in high stress environments, including affected caregivers and family members by providing evidence-based yoga and mindfulness practices

Yoga Warriors classes integrate concepts of traditional hatha yoga with modern knowledge of the mind/body connection. I look forward to bring these classes to local Veteran Hospitals, Clinics, or other associations venues for Veterans and active service men and women.

If you are a veteran, currently active, or wish to provide such services to a group in your area please send an email inquiry.