Yoga Warrior 365

October 2012 I was honored to be invited by Rudy Mettia to join a talented group of yoga teachers to Sofia, Bulgaria and be part of the Yoga Warrior 365 project, produced by Udaya Entertainment.

Although the shoot was only about a week and a half, it’s an experience that lasted me a lifetime. I was not yet a registered yoga teacher, though I was supposed to start my yoga teacher training,and in a way, I suppose I did.

Watching my own testimonial inspires me in a way I never thought my past self could, reminding and motivating my future self (now in the present) to zen hard and remember why I’m doing this.

I remind myself that I did indeed ask The Universe, The Gods, and my own reflection in the mirror for this!

And so a little more than a year (and another lifetime) later, I’m immensely excited about joining Rudy and yet another group of yoga teachers again this coming mid-November, this time myself as an RYT 200, for another Yoga Warrior 365 shoot (part II, as opposed to deux, I gather).

Students of the Yoga Warrior 365 project discuss what it is about Rudy that inspires them.