An octagon called a Blessing Loom disguised as a pseudo-pyramid scheme

Phone Text Log

I have a facebook-friend that messaged me earlier today. I omitted the profile pic for the sake of anonymity, but I thought the whole exchange worthy enough to post given the following:

  1. This person practices yoga and posts and reposts many optimistic love-thy-self-and-others type of memes.
  2. A warning to others to note that scams can come from anywhere and this one is going around. (I italicized ‘scam’ because it should be noted in advance that this person does not see what they are proposing and involved in as a scam.)
  3. If any of you wish to turn $100 into $800 by all means let me know and we can start a new ponzi-scheme as opposed to being at the tail end of it.

So the friend sends me this video link to view it. I can’t retrieve it off my Facebook messenger, but here is a YouTube clip.

At this point I decide to try to slowly warn that they may lose $100.

The response was “the more the merrier.” Really?!

I decide to call it what it is.

Proof of pic from a friend? How good a friend is this friend? Frankly, any friend of mine that’s about to get me involved in a scam does not begin by scamming me, that’s for damn sure!

And this is half the crux of it for me. Really? The answer to “how do you know her?” is that “she’s a fellow yogi” – well then trust away my friend…trust away.

And this is the other half of the crux: and this person is also a fellow-yogi. Now I don’t know if it’s that this person is being intentionally thick with me. Maybe they are desperate for money so they don’t mind scamming other people and not give a shit – so long as they don’t see it that way.

I decide to take a passive approach. Show this person that it’s a scam by link. Wish for them to not be at the end. Though hoping really to get her to not even persist in the beginning. (I guess the $700 is too enticing and doing sex-work I guess is not an option so trying to convince Facebook friends like me to do like this person is doing is their idea of friendship.

Because this friend wants me to hit up all my Facebook friends for the same (and maybe they’ll do the same too. But this person by then wouldn’t care: they got their $700.

The reason why I think this entices and doesn’t “feel” like a normal pyramid scheme or scam is that it’s limited in how much you scam. It’s only eight people contributing into you so it doesn’t seem so terrible.

As this Facebook friend wrote:

“If you don’t support it that’s cool.”

Is it cool?! Is it really?!

Thanks. I’d rather Zen Hard!

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