Challenging Resolutions for 2016

What makes for a challenge?

A simple first definition as a noun is: a difficult task or problem; something that is hard to do.If one accomplishes the task, it is no longer is hard or difficult, and therefore should no longer be challenging. So why do people keep challenging themselves to things they know they can accomplish or succeed with?

So this year, I’m challenging myself to things that will for me be (somewhat literally) impossible to accomplish – at least not for 366 days in a row. I know there are plenty of people out there that have done some of these things for 10 times and more that amount of days in a row. But at some point, the daily doings for them became habit – maybe even turned addictive – so much so that the real challenge for such people would actually be taking the occasional day-off without having it become into an off-day.

So the following are my New Year’s resolutions. Crammed them all in last minute before midnight – though I’ve been talking about them for a while, if not so much to others, then to me, myself, and I.

  1. Have Integrity (for myself with this challenge)
  2. Stay Focused (in spite of my alleged extreme ADHD diagnosis)
  3. Avoid mental, emotional, and physical masturbation (at my age I should know the end result; it yields nothing but some momentary fleeting intoxication that lends itself to unproductiveness)
  4. Be kind to others (and if I can’t be kind, at least I should effort to not be an asshole)
  5. Forgive my own transgressions as easily as I forgive others’ (but remember enough to know who and what to stay away from)
  6. Do not cheat (mostly myself of the opportunities to have an enjoyable rest of my life)
  7. Practice daily mindfulness (regardless of others that may not)
  8. Restrain myself from cursing myself or others (even if the person driving near me doesn’t appreciate the concept of signaling so as to indicate direction to others)
  9. Effort to donate platelets 24 times this year (and be easy on myself if I get deferred for low iron or platelet count and fail to reach that goal)
  10. Limit my social-media check-ins to once or twice a day (anything more just equals avoidance and procrastination)
  11. Surround myself with positive people (and refrain from petting the crazies regardless of how entertaining or amusing I believe they might be)
  12. Practice yoga and meditate daily (in some manner, in some fashion, in my own honest and true way)
  13. Switch to ordering only ‘grande’ size beverages at Starbucks (a ‘venti’ is 1/2 a cup more than needed anyway)
  14. Refrain from hitting snooze to alarms (if I didn’t get to bed early enough, onus is on me and I should ‘suffer’ the day)
  15. Learn lessons (and hope it takes less than a dozen times to do so)
  16. Trust my gut (despite my knack to look at both sides of an equation)
  17. Give a shit (regardless of the existential meaningless of it all)
  18. Bravely and honestly express myself to the others, whether in person or online (even though it would be just another op-ed piece lost in a sea of op-ed pieces)
  19. Never give up (despite adages that speak of knowing when to ‘let things go’)
  20. Learn brevity (I wanted to expound further but felt it better to not)
  21. Be comfortable with lists whose numbers are neither round, prime, or symbolic.
  22. And surely most important of all:

Zen Hard!

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